Join archaeologists and other specialists investigating the deep roots of human behaviour in Africa

When did humans first start to use complex stone tools - tools made of more than one part - and why does it matter? Well, we are on a journey to find out and we hope you will check in and follow our progress. We will be reporting directly from the field - and the lab - as our four year project, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council of Great Britain, unfolds

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Arriving in Zambia at the start of a two day public holiday (Monday for Heroes, Tuesday for Unity) had felt like poor timing, but turned out to be a great chance for me to acclimatise. Settled into my lodgings at Fawlty Towers (yes, really), all the safely-arrived-kit checked, I contacted the new volunteers coming from […]

As the rain drips over soggy England, I’m putting the final touches to the kit I’m taking out to sunny Zambia – five separate items of luggage so far – and counting. Heading south I’ll be swapping our summer for the southern hemisphere’s winter. A good time for us to begin our excavations as the […]